Inside In

“Like the body from within: How do you know the body from within? You know it through the breath. And the breath here is not just the air coming in and out of the lungs; it’s also the sense of energy you feel as you inhabit the body from inside—how you feel your arms and legs, your torso, your head, from inside. There’s that old Peanuts cartoon where Linus comes up to Lucy and says, ‘Feel my hands. See how cold they are.’ She touches them and says, ‘Yes, they really are cold.’ And then she asks, ‘But how do you know that they’re cold when you’re inside them?’ Her feeling of his hands from the outside, that’s her awareness of him. He’s got a different awareness of his hands. That’s where we focus our attention, that awareness from within. And for most of us, this is an area we’re not all that familiar with. We don’t have much of a vocabulary for this dimension in English.” –

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