Continuous Practice is the Circle of The Way


“On the great road of buddha ancestors there is always unsurpassable practice, continuous and sustained. It forms the circle of the way and is never cut off. Between aspiration, practice, enlightenment and nirvana, there is not a moment’s gap. Continuous practice is the circle of the way. This being so, continuous practice is unstained, not forced by you or others. The power of continuous practice confirms you as well as others. It means your practice affects the entire earth and the entire sky in the ten directions. Although not noticed by others or by yourself, it is so.” 
Zen Master Eihei Dogen


Enso Calligraphy by Kanjuro Shibata XX "Ensō (円相)".
日本語: 20代目柴田勘十郎画。2000年ごろ

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